Faith-Based Humanitarian Relief

This crisis is an opportunity for us to live out our convictions to help children and families who desperately need support.

With your help we can. 


Children have lost parents.
Wives have lost husbands.
Families have been separated.

These injustices haunt and compel us. 

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You want to help but don't know how.

We get it. This crisis is overwhelming. Where do you even start? Can we really make that much of a difference? Yet despite the doubts, something compels us to still try-something in us refuses to stand by and not do something.

We are so there with you.  This is why we started this work where we connect people who can help with those who desperately need it. And, yes, we can make a difference.


There is hope!


Together with our local partners, we determine the ongoing and most pressing needs of refugees and then provide opportunities for people to help in those areas.




thousand meals to children

Every week we deliver hot meals to Syrian refugee children in refugee camps, makeshift schools, community centers, and to Lebanese children in orphanages. 



thousand received food packages

We have delivered over 3000 food packages to refugee families in Lebanon and over 2000 to those displaced in Kurdistan.



Thousand clothed

We have provided clothing for over 11,000 refugees in Lebanon, as well as delivered Winterization kits including blankets, fuel, coats, and boots. 

Opportunities for impact

Do you want to help make a difference?

Together we will

Together we will keep working to  alleviate  the suffering of children and families who have been victims of this Syrian crisis. We will keep feeding the orphans and widows and we will keep families warm. We will continue to restore dignity by providing clothes and basic necessities. We will give thm hope by supporting education efforts for refugee children and training for mothers, aunts, single women. We will keep sponsoring kids to go to camp and daycare and support parent education.  We will keep equipping and encouraging burnt-out volunteers, teachers, pastors, counselors, and day-care workers by providing trauma training and other tools.  

Together, we will keep showing up in the name of love.

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