Faith-Based Humanitarian Relief

All They Have

For so many refugees, all they have is each other. They didn't want to flee their homes without packing, without saying goodbye to friends and family; but they had to. They had to to survive. Now, here they find themselves, safe, but having left behind all that is familiar behind. The pressure from having no food, no money, no visible future can tear apart the little they have left. 




How Can We help?


By first providing for basic needs of the family

Can you imagine having to make that call where you tell your family it's time to flee? All you have are the clothes on your back. And yes, you get to a place where you are safe - but now the reality of the loss hits.

Your children are hungry and no one will hire you. Suddenly you are totally dependent on the goodwill of strangers.

As parents, it is hard to think of anything else but making sure we provide for our children's basic needs. This is universal. It resonates with all of us; and this is is why we start by helping with food, shelter, and clothing.

When we provide for these needs, we help strengthen families so they can actually start to hope again. It is powerful.


by providing camps and education opportunities for their children

Since most refugee children are not in school, this means they are missing out on their education and in turn are more vulnerable to being exploited. When we are able to provide educational opportunities for refugee children, they are not only able to start learning again, which is critical to their future, but while they are at school, they also receive daily meals and the opportunity to build friendships.

This gives parents hope and allows children to dream again.


by building and strengthening relationships

One of the things we most often hear from refugees is how shocked they are that we are so willing to help them and their children-especially given our very different backgrounds.

Our teams are in the camps every week bringing food and clothing to them. They also are the ones picking the children up for camps. This has had a profound impact on them.

Not only that, but some of our partners have started to provide marriage classes for refugee parents. At the conclusion of one of these classes, the husbands prepared a meal for their wives, which our partners provided ingredients for. The women were given makeup and clothes to dress up in. One of the husband's just kept repeating "Thank you for giving me my wife back" 

This is how love shows up. This is how healing begins.