Faith-Based Humanitarian Relief

Hoping to Survive

 “We are afraid of the cold weather, and afraid our children will get sick,” Hassan, a Syrian refugee father said in an article earlier this year, “Our lives are as nothing. We have nothing but fear. Fear from illness, from the rain, and there is nothing to keep warm with.”


A Message from Patrick bouchebel

CEO of Witness As Ministry

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How are we helping?



winterization kits

Our Winterization Kits can vary depending on what is available but typically they include blankets, 4 coats, 4 pairs of boots, a heater, fuel, and extras such as first aid kits or extra clothing such as gloves and hats.



boots and coats

We also try and do a boots and coats campaign specifically for children. Sometimes we have received containers full of coats that our local partners then distribute - other times we are able to purchase the items in Lebanon and distribute them in the camps. 


fuel for heat

The hardest part is keeping warm. Although heaters and fuel are sometimes hard to come by, when they are available we will include these in kits or distribute vouchers for families to be able to get this very crucial necessity.