Faith-Based Humanitarian Relief

Care For Toddlers


An Opportunity

When parents do get work, what happens to the young children? One of our ministries focuses on providing an answer to just that problem. Not only does this work towards helping families and parents in general but it is an opportunity for this toddlers to be fed every day, receive basic medical attention, learn, and be loved.

Addressing Critical Needs Early

Along with providing a safe and nurturing place for toddlers of refugees to spend the day at, this ministry addresses the basic needs which are critical to children's early childhood development.


How We Do That



The toddler years are critical in terms of development so providing nutritious meals is critical to their future. Each day every child receives healthy meals and snacks.


Medical Nurse

Each child is evaluated by the nurse who provides first aid and basic medical guidance to parents when issues arise. Additionally, the nurse provides monthly educational meetings for parents to teach them how to better care for their children's health.



Even though these toddlers are only in the program for a few years, this time-frame provides an important opportunity. Keeping their minds stimulated means a better chance for their future resilience.

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