Faith-Based Humanitarian Relief

Hope For a Future

Refugee women are dealing with incredible loss. Not only did they have to flee their homes, but often they have lost husbands and/or children, and have no idea where their extended families and their friends are. Despite these losses, they must find ways to keep going, not only for themselves, but for their children. 


How we are helping

We understand that women play a key role in the well-being of a family but also of society at large. We therefore believe that it is imperative for us to come along side refugee women and provide emotional, spiritual, physical, and educational support. Every month WAM works with local partners sponsoring health, parenting, and skills building projects. 


Supporting moms

Many young women have lost their mothers and aunts and desperately need guidance as they navigate motherhood. Our local partners not only provide parenting, basic health, and nutrition classes; but they also provide diapers, baby formula, and hygiene kits to new moms. 


Women helping women

One of the devastating losses for refugees is the loss of community. Yet, when strong women find each other, resiliency increases. Not only do our local partners provide guidance and support to women, but they also faciliate weekly meetings so that women can develop community amongst themselves. 


Skills training

Many refugee women have lost their husbands or fathers and now find themselves having to find work despite not having skills. This makes them vulnerable to being exploited. In light of this, WAM has been focusing on new programs which help women develop the skills they need to earn money.


Trauma Counseling

Several times a year we provide Trauma Training to women who work with other women. In equipping these women with training in areas such as Psychological First Aid, Grief and Loss, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, we are able to help support the much needed emotional healing of Syrian women. 


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