Faith-Based Humanitarian Relief

Train & Encourage


The Unspoken Need

When close to 2 million refugees came to Lebanon, pastors, aid workers, teachers, and community members were overwhelmed by the needs of refugees. Still, they have continued to work tirelessly to serve these families. Very few have had training but even those that have are burning-out. We believe strongly in supporting those every day are helping all those affected by this crisis. 


Trauma Training

Starting in 2015, Dr. Keyes, a reknown traumatologist has partnered with us in providing Trauma Training to Lebanese and Syrian pastors, priests, nurses, doctors, teachers, youth workers, and volunteers. 

Classes have included Psychological First Aid, Assessing PTSD, Compassion Fatigue, Grief and Loss, E.M.D.R., and Field Traumatology. 


Trauma in Children: Training & Curriculum

In 2017, Dr. Whittier and his team partnered with WAM to train local camp counselors, early childhood educators, and daycare workers in how to help traumatized children. He also provided training for the trauma-sensitive curriculum that is used in our healing camps for refugee children. 


Impact So Far

So far, over 250 workers have gone through the trainings and received certifications. This continues to be one of the biggest needs we encounter.

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