Fierce Love Does Not Back Down

It is astounding. This hatred must stop! 

Another act of terrorism. This time, not by ISIS, not by Al-Qaeda, but by a single American man blinded by hate. 

Yesterday, a group of people were marching and singing in peaceful protest against a hate-fueled white supremacist demonstration when a man deliberately drove his car into the crowd, killing a woman and hurting dozens of others. 


"Violence will always turn the stomach of those
who are not hardened by evil."

I suppose it shouldn't be surprising to see such an evil act of hate come from someone who is part of group cemented and strengthened by hate. But we ARE shocked! We are sickened! Violence will always turn the stomach of those who are not hardened by evil. And that's the key: not letting our own hearts become hardened by hate. This is how we fight this madness! 

We are angry, and rightfully so. But let us be vigilantly aware of how easily our righteous anger over injustice can, if we are not careful, turn into hate which hardens our own hearts. Let us be aware of how subtly this cancer takes over and poisons hearts.  Let us be aware lest we too become hardened and find ourselves operating from a place of weakness. 

"We must remain strong. Strong in truth
and strong in love that does not concede."

We must remain strong. Strong in truth and strong in love that does not concede. Love that is stronger than hate. Love that does not let hate gain any ground in our hearts, our minds, our words, our actions. 

So how do we do that? Can we hate evil and still protect our hearts from hate? 
Yes, we can. Scripture tells us, “[Let your] love be sincere (a real thing);
hate what is evil [loathe all ungodliness, turn in horror from wickedness],
but hold fast to that which is good" (Romans‬ ‭12:9‬, AMPC‬‬). 

"Hate evil, but do not stop loving."

Hate evil, but do not stop loving. Speak up against acts of violence, speak loudly against injustice, against evil...but speak it without hate! Channel that righteous (justice) anger into adetermination to love fiercely and uncompromisingly. Love your family, love your community. Reach out to those who need help and live love out. 

Yesterday, one man, fueled by hate, and operating from a place of weakness, unleashed violence on a group of people who were speaking against injustice and standing for love. In the end, because of this 3 people died and dozens were hurt. But he did not destroy the love that motivated them to be there in the first place. That same love is what compelled newly engaged Marcus Martin, to selflessly push his fiancé out of the way, saving her, and taking the full brunt of the force of the car as it rammed into the crowd. That is Love lived out.

This is our weapon against this evil.
This is the weapon against hate.
This is the what will keep us from hardening hearts.
Love. Fierce love. 

Go live out love like that.

Heather BravineComment