From the Pacific Northwest to Lebanon - Living Love Out

Love is proven through action.
It is as we walk with those who are suffering, feeding them, clothing them, and equipping them, that hope is born. 
It is in those moments of tangible help when love is witnessed, that love begins to change people, that love begins to heal them.

We are so excited to be partnering with Jessica DahlRachel Hile from The Beyond Project and Esther Little Filip from If Not For Love this fall as they give of their time and expertise to tangibly live love out to refugee women in Lebanon. You too can be part of this revolution of love by supporting their trip! Together we can fight hate! 

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The Beyond Project together with If Not for Love are teaming up to love refugeesand change lives... and we need your help!

We've decided to step out and plan a trip to love, serve and equip Syrian Refugee Women in Lebanon.

There are over 1 million Syrian Refugees in Lebanon alone (that’s the size of Vermont!). Two-thirds of these refugees are women & children, many going without food, shelter and aid. They are in desperate need of a tangible way to care for their families. We want to be part of the solution. 

We've planned 2 effecient and packed weeks with a team there on the ground. We will be teaching and equipping refugee women to start their own cosmetology businesses. As licensed professionals we  will pass on a host of skills including haircutting, makeup application & business. These two weeks will be filled with classes, love and so much more. 
We will also be visiting camps and providing much needed warmth and hope. The winter in Lebanon is brutal and extremely cold. If Not For Love will be bringing 500 heavy sweatshirts inside reusable bags for the men and women in the camps there. It’s not only warmth, but a message of love from you to them, to let them know they are not forgotten. 

Together we can leave lasting change, hope and light. Please join with us!

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Much Love, 
Rachel, Jessica & Esther

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