More Than Just Tools

Giving them tools means opening doors for opportunities that they otherwise would not have, and that is huge in itself, but it was so much more than that. This was an opportunity to speak life into these women's hearts by reminding them how beautiful they are, even though, maybe especially, because they don't feel it. Self-care like getting your hair done isn't exactly a priority, or even a possibility when you are a refugee.


This is why it means so much. It may seem small, it may even seem superficial, but to a woman who has not been able to have her hair done in a long time, this can be life-giving. Add to that some training and some tools and now not only can these woman continue to bless each other by doing each other's hair, but they can hone these skills and use them to start a small business which will help provide for their families. 


And so, for several weeks, Rachel and Jessica and their team of talented and passionate hairstylists, and Esther, from If Not For Love, generously donated their time and talents to pamper refugee women and to teach them how to cut and style hair -all the while weaving in a message about love, beauty, and worth.

It is a message that resonates with women accross the globe but is particularly powerful for these women right now. As refugees they are not held in high esteem in the communities in which they live. They are not often made to feel worthy of anything. But thanks to our partners and those who supported and sponsored this project, this week, they were.