A Really Good Day

A Really Good Day

He is ecstatic! Today Joseph and his friends unexpectedly received toys today –brand new ones at that! It had been so long since that had happened. It feels like such a luxury. For Joseph and his friends, this rare occurrence is one they won’t soon forget or take for granted. They are both grateful and mystified by the notion that anyone would want to send them gifts.


To them this is more than just about getting toys though; to them this means they are not forgotten, they are seen, they still matter. This is profound. This is what renews hope. Hope in the goodness of other humans.  Hope that can counteract the ugliness of humanity that most of these children witnessed as and since they fled Syria. Unfortunately, the ugliness they have experienced has not just been at the hands of those who sought to kill them and their families, but also at the hands of those who despise refugees. 

This is why little things mean so much here.

This is why receiving a small toy, a blanket, a meal, or the chance to go to a day camp means so so much. This is why Joseph and his friends were so surprised by the generosity of people he did not know today when he got the toys.

It is proof that not all humans are terrible and untrustworthy.
It is proof that there truly are good people out there who care.
It is proof that they, Joseph and his friends are still valuable in this world. 

Because their lives and future are so uncertain, the only certainty they have is what happens today, and because of one very generous donor who insists on remaining anonymous, today was a really good day for Joseph and his friends. 


In the last few weeks, WAM has distributed 123,000 toys
to children in refugee camps across Lebanon. 

We are so grateful for the donor and our partners for continuing to counter the message of hate with the message of love.  

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