Let Jesus Become Their Refuge

We are all aware of what is going on in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq, and how the civil war forced the people to flee their home land and scatter in the nearby countries. Lebanon received the highest number of refugees and today, more than two million refugees are scattered across Lebanon, residing in tent settlements that have been established on fields and farming lands. You can imagine the trauma and hurt their children went through; they have seen and experienced horrible things in their young lives. They left everything behind, many lost family members, lost their homes, their schools, and now live in tents not knowing their next day fate - basically they have lost hope. WAM, along with their partners want to make a difference in those children's lives. 

Our partner’s ministry is simple yet powerful. They conduct Bible camps on church owned land for Syrian and Iraqi Children. Each Bible camp serves up to 60 Syrian and Iraqi Children with a place to sleep, healthy meals, fun activities, games, prayer time, Bible stories, worship time, and counselling.  WAM has committed to help raise funds to support our partner who is holding a total of fourteen (14) camps for 2016.

So far, in 2016, WAM has helped fund one camp, and we are seeking your support to help us fund two more camps before the end of August 2016!  Our goal is to reach children with the message of Christ, because they are a direct influence on their other siblings and parents, and have access to other families. Additionally, when they do go back home, these children are the future church of Syria!

Would you join us and sponsor a summer camp for Syrian refugee Children? The cost of a camp is $12,900. It will cover the three days’ camp costs, room and board, and round trip transport for 60 Syrian Children. Our total goal is to raise $ 25,800 to fund two summer camps that will benefit up to 120 Syrian and Iraqi Children.

If you, your church, or organization would like to help, please email us
Thank you and God bless you!