Trauma Training 2016

I just returned from Lebanon, where I spent 10 days on a dual purpose mission. The first week was spent participating in a training led by Dr. Benjamin Keyes, a world renown Traumataulagist. The training took place in Zahle, where 62 participants benefitted from four days of intensive sessions. At the conclusion of this training, aid workers and partners were better equipped to deal with grief and loss, compassion fatigue, child abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder, often found among refugees. Refugee camps are a hard place for children to grow up in. In effect, camps are hard for any one, but children are affected the most. They are the most vulnerable, and often the ones with the most to lose. Besides intensive sessions, participants were also put through training scenarios and exercises affording them the opportunity to practice what they learned during the sessions.

At the conclusion of the week, the sentiments across the board were of excitement, encouragement and appreciation. Most participants felt better equipped to handle the numerous cases they deal with on a daily basis more effectively. This is what WAM does best. Partnering with others and empowering them to be better in their ministry.

Our four day training, in Lebanon, on Stress Management, Grief and Loss, Trauma, and Compassion Fatigue, was a success! 62 participants including social workers, nurses, medical staff, nuns, priests, pastors, and administrators received training & certificates from Dr. Benjamin Keyes! Thank you for supporting this great cause which will enable those on the front lines of the refugee crisis to continue to do their work :)