Just a Few Soccer Balls

Sometimes, the problems are so overwhelming that it's easy to wonder if the little we do will make a difference. I learned how very wrong this thinking was during one of our trips.

We decided last minute to try and get some soccer balls to take with us to Lebanon. This was a last minute idea so there was no time for a big campaign. We ended up with about a dozen balls and honestly, my thought was, "This really isn't going to make THAT big of a difference." I mean these kids have lost so much, how much is a soccer ball really going to help? 

How wrong I was!

It is precisely BECAUSE these kids have lost everything that even just ONE soccer ball that has to be shared makes a HUGE difference. I will never look at another soccer ball without remember this humbling lesson. The bottom line is, no matter what we can give, we should never underestimate how big of a difference it can make.