Bibles for Syrian Refugees

"Abdullah, You aren't angry that I just prayed to Jesus?"

 He shook his head. "Not at all. I don't know what's going on with you, but I found your Bible - the one you hid in the closet behind your shoes. I didn't say anything because I just wanted to watch you. I honestly wasn't sure what to do next." He paused, formulating a question. "Are you now a Jesus' person? Is that how you say it?"

Joy swelled in Huda's heart. She could hardly believe the words she had just heard.

"That's a good way to say it, Abdullah." She took a deep breath. "And yes, I am a Jesus person now. How do you feel about that? You've heard Nabil's sermons calling us to kill infidels, like I have become. Why havn't you cornered me and made me confess that I've left Islam?"

  Four Sanara children gaped, wide-eyed from the back seat.

"I thought about it, Huda. I really did." Abdullah stared down the road and sighed. "But the changes I saw in you were hard to believe. The loving way you treated the children and me was so amazing that, well..." Abdullah blushed almost imperceptibly. "Honestly, I didn't want it to stop.

He gestured with his right hand, then placed it back on the steering wheel. "You're at peace - even while living in Syria! I think you are the only person in Syria who can smile these days. You're so different, Huda. I know it comes from inside."

His voice softened to a whisper. "How could I even think about harming you?"

Huda marveled at the words. Her steely Muslim husband appeared to be near tears.

"When I came into our bedroom one day, you were on your knees, praying. You  were praying for me, Huda. Your back was turned, so I just listened. They were the most beautiful words I've ever heard from you."

- Standing in the Fire, Tom Doyle, pp 58, 59

Witness as Ministry Mission

A team of us are going to Lebanon to distribute supplies and 5000 Bibles to the two million Syrians who have fled across the border to Lebanon. Please join us in giving the same transformation, hope and joy to families just like Abdullah and Huda.

Once the money is complete, the mission will purchase the Bibles and New Testaments in bulk in Lebanon itself. Our team of people from Seattle and the Northwest will distribute some of them directly, and local churches and pastors will distribute the rest.

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