A Kitchen To Feed All - Phase 1

Together with our partners, we are working to make a difference in the communities, bringing solutions in unity. In Zahle, Lebanon, Bishop Issam John Darwish meets with an architect and community members as they lay out their plans to open a community kitchen that would serve refugees, particularly children, and anyone else in need. Local businesses, such as the town bakery, have pledged to help contribute to the cause. 

“This restaurant will give hope to the refugees who have no hope who do not know where their next meal is going to come from. Their children are on the streets begging… we hope that we, in this restaurant, and as church can be as support to them, to encourage them, to serve them a hot meal, and just to be with them and serve them, let them know that the Lord loves them, and that we love them.

We pray that the Lord blesses every household, of every individual, or organization that supports us, that stands with us, that prays for us; we pray that they be blessed. And we also asked the Lord to bless us in our ministry with the refugees and with the children, and with those that are needy in this country.”

- Bishop Issam John Darwish