Get Involved

Whether it is by praying for us, raising awareness, launching a social media campaign on our behalf, inviting us to speak at your organization, church, or university, or financially supporting us on a one time or monthly basis, everyone can be part of the solution to help bring relief to these families and to those supporting them locally. Together we can make a difference and no difference is too small. 


invite us to speak

Is your church, organization, or university interested in learning more about what is really happening with refugees in the Middle East and/or wanting to get involved? Let us know so we can come share with you1

launch a social media campaign

Sometimes people want to do more than just donate, they feel compelled to help a specific campaign. Launching a social media campaign to raise awareness and or to raise resources is a great way to help

Make a Donation

Whether you want to make a one-time gift or you want to commit to donating on regular basis, your contribution will make a difference in the lives of these families.