On Mt Sinjar

“I can show you a list of more than 2,000 names . . . just from my village.”

He was sitting in our living room before heading out to visit a camp as part of his full-time job working as a logistics manager for a large NGO operating in the area. The list he was referring to was of students who have no record of the schooling they have completed.

He had finished his final year of high school, but with no record of his completion, there is no chance for him to enter University. We asked him if there was somewhere to go to access these records, and he laughed in response. “If you want to go into Mosul and find the person to ask, go ahead.”

Thankfully for our friend, he is dedicated and hard-working and he speaks English very well, so he was able to acquire a job without a university degree. But what about the others he referred to? What about those in high school who won’t be able to re-enter the government school system without their exam results?

We asked if the Ministry of Education was working on the problem or if any progress was being made. As far as he knew, there are far too many other issues captivating the government’s attention at the moment to warrant time and effort for kids who had to flee their hometowns in the midst of exam season.

How can we support kids who have seemingly fallen off the grid? These need to be validated and reminded that papers aren’t the sum of their success. They can continue to chase their dreams and pursue a good life without the formal support they had expected. They can forge their own paths and draw their own lines.

You can be a part of helping these kids chase their dreams and write their successes. Your support can change the life of one who feels they have been forgotten. Join us as we help to bring education and a future to the internally displaced people of Iraq!  Their records may have been confiscated, but not their hope!

- Jeremy Parker, from Edge Institute partners with WAM to bring education solutions to  displaced women and children in the Middle East.