She loves God

A few weeks ago, I met Hannah. I don’t speak Arabic, and she doesn’t speak English or French. Our meeting was, however, one where words were spoken without being said. Before I would leave her, we both would be moved to tears.

Through a translator, I listened to her story. She has been living in Lebanon for the past 2 years. She fled Syria when Isis came to her town. She is a wife and a mother of two young children. Her daughter is five and her son is two. She grew up as a devout Muslim and married a strong Muslim man. All she wanted to do was honor God in her life. She thought she was. She found herself fleeing her country, leaving her home, her family, and all that she knew. In Lebanon, she was surprised to find very little help from her fellow Muslims. “Go see the Christian man,” other mothers told her “he will give you food for your babies.” But could not bring herself to. Hannah grew up being told that Christians eat their babies. (Yes, really.) How could she possibly go to a “Christian” for help? Her husband got meager work doing carpentry work and they scraped by. But work was hit and miss and she soon found herself again in need of formula. Again, her friends encouraged her to go see the Christian. This time she went.